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Profile of the Director Katsuhiko Hayashi


I am happy to introduce Mr. Katsuhiko Hayashi, the director of the documentary film "Inochi--From Fukushima to Our Future."
I am confident that he will make an excellent documentary film.
(From Natsuko Kumasawa)
Mr. Katsuhiko Hayashi,
Executive Board Member, Japanese Association of Science and Technology Journalists http://jastj.jp/)
Vice Chairman, Committee for Founding of Science Visualization Society of Japan http://svsnet.jp/
Professor at Tokyo University of Technology http://www.teu.ac.jp/english/
Examples of Awards:
◇NHK Feature “Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster”
Monte Carlo International TV festival-
Golden Nymph Award
◇NHK Feature
“Uncovered Enormous Technology-Nuclear Power,”
Golden and Encouragement
Prize, Foundation of Broadcasting and Culture
◇NHK Special series “Universe Within” http://amzn.to/rq2J4b
First prize of Japanese award,
International competition for Educational Program, etc.
◇NHK Special series
“Universe Within II”
Excellency award of International Science Program Festival, etc.
◇NHK Special series “Universe Within III ”
Gold World Medal of Science Program of The New York Festival, etc.


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