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Codex Coordinating committee for Asia (Tokyo Nov.5-9, 2012)

I am Natsuko Kumasawa of Japan Offspring Fund,
Asia Regional Coordinator for IACFO.

I attended the Codex Coordinating committee for Asia held in Tokyo
from Nov.5-9 as IACFO.


The followings are some of imortant points for consumers in Asia.
The official meeting report will come soon at Codex webpage.


1.Proposed Draft Regional Standard for Non-Fermented Soybean Products

There was a intense discussion about classification, food additives
and labelling, and the committee agreed to establish an electronic
working group and physical working group to consider the draft
standard at Step 6 at the next meeting in 2014.

It is important to know that there is a sentence to say
"8.2 If genetically modified soybean is used in the process, it shall
be indicated in the label in accordance with national legislation."
This sentence is supported by many countries and organizations. It is
important sentence for consumer choice.

2.Proposed Draft Regional Standard for Tempe

The commitee agreed to forward the proposed draft to the 36th
Commission at Step5/8.

Proposed Draft Regional Standard for Laver Products

The laver products are seaweed mainly consumed in Japan, Korea and China.
There were discussion about contaminants of laver products such as
heavy metals. I had a comment about chemicals used for acid treatment
to prevent diseases of laver, since there may be residues of such
chemicals. This intervention was recorded in the offical report
section 121.

3.Regional Code of Hygienic Practice for Street Vended Foods (Asia)

India proposed to make Regional Code of Hygienic Practice for Street
Vended Foods (Asia), and supported by the committee. After it is
agreed at 36th Commission, eWG will be conducted.

Since this is important topic for consumer protection, I made a
comment to support this work.

I am going to attend electronic working group of Non-Fermented Soybean
Products, laver products, and Regional Code of Hygienic Practice for
Street Vended Foods, as IACFO. If you have any suggestions and
questions on this topic and other CCASIA related issues, please
contact me.

Thank you.


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