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Documentary film "いのち Inochi--- From Fukushima to Our Future"


Why Lotus Roots involve in a making a documentary film?
I decided to establish Lotus Roots on February 2011 to promote sound organic agriculture in the world. Soon after I decided to commit myself as an organic specialist, the terrible earthquake, tsunami happned in Japan on March 11, 2011. Atomic Power Generations in Fukushima  melted down and radio active substances spread all over the world.  Many of my friends lost their organic farms, organic factories, and staff. Everyday we have to face to contamination of our food, land, air, water by radioactive substances.
As a mother of small child, as an organic specialist, as a consumer who loves organic food,
and as an international project manager who actively involed in making international standard of organic food, I am sufferring everyday with my anger and sadness.
However, I have to move on for our futrue. What can I do ? One thing I can do is to advise a director to make a documentary film about this disaster. We need to know the truth.  Mass Media in Japan can't report the truth about this disaster,  since almost all mass media is supported by Electronic Power Companies.
I belive organic agriculture is a great tool for our future even after March 11, 2011.  However, we first have to face the reality that our land are contaminated by radio active substances. Without knowing the truth, we won't be able to start again.
This is why Lotus Roots began to involve in making this documentary film.
I hope you will support this project.
Natsuko Iino Kumasawa, Director of Lotus Roots


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