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Natsuko Iino Kumasawa



Junichi Kowaka (Director, Japan Offspring Fund)

Yoko Mizuno (Director of Lefarth, Japan Organic Inspectors Association)

Shigeyoshi Senga (Professor of Yokohama City University)

Mahito Akao (President of Nisshin Printing)

Yoshikazu Iwaizumi 

Satoru Konagaya

Kiyotaka Endo

Martin J. Frid (Writer)


About Mentor

Director of Lotus Roots promises the followings to Mentors:

To facilitate exchange and cooperation among mentors.

To send latest information to mentors through E-mails and other ways.


Lotus Roots will provide PR space to Mentors on our websites, when necessary.


What Lotus Roots request from Mentors:

To list your names as a Mentor of Lotus Roots.

To send advice whenever appropriate.

Not to demand payment in cash for your activities as a Mentor.


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Management Supporters

Takayuki Iino (President of Home Page Renewal Center)

Miyo Tsunoda

Ayako Brewer Watazawa


Management Supporter:

Management Supporters support the director of Lotus Roots with their special skills.

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Anyone who supports Lotus Roots

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Supporters will receive the latest information about Lotus Roots by E-mail.

Supporters can purchase products from Lotus Roots.

Supporters have chances to be management supporters.


Who would be appropriate to be supporters?

Anyone who is interested in the following key words:

Life, Food, Agriculture, Organic, Bond, Children, Environment, World, Peace, Sustainable Development


About Supporter

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