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About Lotus Roots


Have you ever seen a lotus root?

Lotus roots are common vegetables in Asian countries including my native country, Japan.

Lotus roots are always growing well hidden deep in the mud.

It is a very nutritious vegetable.

There are many holes in lotus roots.

In Japan, we consider we can see future using these holes in the lotus root.

Lotus roots nourish people, and lotus roots make us happy.


You can eat lotus roots in a various ways,

You can eat them fresh, fried, steamed…whichever you like.

You will be surprised how each lotus root tastes different by the way of cooking.


No matter how they are cooked,

One thing would never change.

Lotus roots always nourish us.


Have you ever seen the beautiful lotus flowers?

Lotus flowers are supported by lotus roots.


Water and nutrients…

Those are what lotus roots need in order to grow.

Roots themselves try to find the necessary water and nutrients in the mud.

But if you give some water and nutrients, I am sure lotus roots will be very happy….


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Mission Statement


Make better world for our future.

The tool for this mission is organic agriculture.

Key words for Lotus Roots are: Life, Food, Agriculture, Organic, Bond, Children, Environment, World, Peace, Sustainable Development




What Lotus Roots Does


Consultant for organic producers, processors, importers, exporters, and distributers

Consultant regarding Codex standard  (FAO/WHO joint Codex Alimentarius Comission)

Consultant regading Environmental Policy, Sustainable development

Consultant regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Consultant regarding  management of Non Profit Organizations (NPO)

Planning and Conducting projects related to make better world for our children


Most activities of Lotus Roots are non-profit activities to make a better world for our future. Since Japanese laws and regulations regarding non-profit organizations are not well developed to reach my goals, Lotus Roots aims to incorporate the organization as a Limited Company by 2021. However, the Director of Lotus Roots promises mentors and supporters that management of Lotus Roots is based on non-profitable activities, not to gain profit of our own.


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