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Natsuko Iino Kumasawa

Directo, Lotus Roots




Organic Food Specialist

Organic Food Inspector, (ASAC, Japan)

East Asia Regional Coordinator at International Association of Consumer Food Organizations (IACFO)

Advisory Specialist for Consumer Affairs


Master of Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University, Canada

(Thesis topic: The Alternative Marketing of Organic foods in Japan)

BA in Economics, Yokohama City University, Japan


1998: Finished IOIA Training Course for Organic Inspectors,

           Assiniboine Community College,  Manitoba, Canada

1998-2010: International Project Manager at Japan Offspring Fund,

                      Environment/Consumer NGO based in Tokyo and Saitama, Japan

2007-2008: Adviser to Japan Agriculture Standard Committee

                      organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery, & Forestry

2011: Established Lotus Roots

My hobbies: Tea ceremony, movies, reading books, walking, travel (camping, backpacking, tour trip, etc…), make something good to eat, eat something good

My favorite food: Tsubutsubu (Organic Vegan Vegetarian dish made with millets)

My favorite books: The Book of Tea by Okakura Tenshin, and "The Art of Loving" by Erich Seligmann Fromm

My favorite country: Japan, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, NZ, Malta, Italy, Korea

My favorite word, Ichigo Ichie, which means “seize the moment, seize the day, enjoy every meeting, for it will never recur“

My favorite languages: Japanese, English, American Sign Language

I also know some Spanish, Chinese, and Korean

My favorite jewel: Pearl

My favorite flower: Lotus, water lily, hydrangea, tulips, lily of the valley

My favorite tree: Maple tree, Ginko tree


Examples of Current Projects

Establish web pages for organic food related organizations

Advise for a documentary film titled  "いのち Inochi -- From Fukushima to Our Future"

Write, translate, speak about organic related topics



Published Books


“Taberuna Kiken!” by Kodansha

“Tabetai Anzen” by Kodansha

“WTO Changes the World” by Citizen’s Forum 2001

“IT2001” by Iwanami Shoten


Written Articles Published by

News Service Agencies:

Kyodo, Reuters, etc.


News Paper Companies:

Asahi News, Asahi Weekly News, Chunichi News, Yomiuri News, Tokyo News, Nihon Nogyo News (Japan Agriculture News), Sankei Shinbun News (Industry and Economics News), Komei News, Consumer Law News, etc.



Industry and Health:

Keisetsu Gidai, Caz, Fujin Tsushin (News for women), Weekly DIAS, etc.



Asia NBC, NHK, Tokyo MX, Hong Kong TV, Radio Television, etc.


Participated in International Conferences

FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius committees,

OECD working groups,

Consumers International Food Security International Conferences, etc.


Speeches and Lectures

Yokohama City University, Sofia University, United Nations University,

Consumer Affairs Research Group, Reader Groups for Kyoto Weekly Fridy,

Kansai Co-op Osaka, Organic Food Group, Akita Ogatamura Environment Creation 21,

Modern Tea Association, Chiba Municipal Assembly, Machida Consumer Lief Center,

Hitotsubashi Junior High School,

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Committee for food derived from biotechnology,

Society for Techno-innovation of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery Symposium,

Citizens Groups, etc.



Dr. Theo Colborn, WWF US

Dr. Michael Smolen, WWF US

Ms. Jan Dean, IFOAM

Mr. Bruce Silverglade, CSPI

Dr. Tim Lobstein, Food Commission, UK

Ms. Hatijah Hashim, Consumer Association of Penang, Malyasia

Dr. Frederick Vom Saal, Missouri University, US

Ms. Janet Longfield, Food Commision, UK

Mr. Lyn Robert, Taiwan Consumer Association, Taiwan

Dr. Ensook Moon, Consumer Korea

Dr. Niels Skakkebeak, Denmark



Various translations related to environment, food and agriculture



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